Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani, ‘I have never felt safe or protected by African men’

America-born Kenyan singer, Victoria Kimani caused a tweetstorm today morning after she went on the rampage with some of her opinions on the popular social media site.

The “China Love” singer set the ball rolling in a series of Tweets where she said that she had never felt safe or protected by African men.

Most of her tweets touched on the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) in Africa saying that African men have always looked down on women.

“I can’t lie… have I ever felt safe or protected by African men? Nope,” she said. Victoria then added that being a woman in Africa is a tough experience because they are undervalued, and underappreciated.


“Being an African woman in Africa is the fucking ghetto… it’s a traumatizing experience… it sucks. We are undervalued, underpaid, underappreciated, and simply under the radar… I hate it here… from the bottom of my heart. We won’t even talk about the men,” she wrote in another post.

And she wasn’t done yet, she had a lot to get off her chest. She said that African men break their women down to what only serves them “African women are Not your punching bag…not your sex toy, not your ego boosters, not your servant and certainly, not your enemy”

“African men reduce their women … constantly. Break them down to a size that serves them only,” added Ms Kimani. Her comments divided netizens with most disagreeing with her point of view.

Valentine’s Day became an anniversary for that horrible day – Victoria Kimani

Some of those comments are below;

EndSarsElectric light bulb That one na your personal business.
Africa men a good people.
Focus #EndSARS

Coach Sarpong doesn’t matter…we love you always…we not perfect as any other men u perceive…

King of Content Me too, I just have to protect myself I guess

Tom Polo jnr. It is every adult’s responsibility to protect themselves.protect yourself

iam_homeboylee How that one concern us #EndSARS

Dave_richie The best is yet to come .. Don’t conclude yet. I’m coming lol

Ng’etich. May be you’ve not yet found the real one,real man.

Edna’s Child Well, opportunities attract

MIKEY Eeh unatakaje??

C.H.I.E.F So unataka

Edna’s Child 4real?

Drop of bloodDon_Ker°m!t What you might think African men do to women after reading this tweet

Drop of bloodDon_Ker°m!t It sucks how one guy hurts you wiminz and you hear shouting all men are badExpressionless face. My question is have you dated or met all the african men to conclude they aren’t safe to be around with.

yung_barcelini Seems like you don’t know about Saudi Arabia…

Is her post as some fans think, one that comes after heartbreak or has she suddenly gotten the gender activist bug? I have my guess on that one.

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