Proof that Diamond’s mother loves Zari’s children

There is nothing beautiful like a mother and son relationship, where the son appreciates and remembers their mother once they make it in life. But nothing is more heart melting than a mother who supports her son in every move.

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz is one lucky son to have a mother that stays right by his side when times are rough.

Mama Dangote is one loving grandparent to Diamond’s children. Its nothing but love that she gives to them.

In Tanzania, sons are highly praised and when Zari gave Diamond a son the mother was very happy to have a grandson.

Despite the rumours that Nillan is not Diamond’s son, she still cherishes and loves him.

It is evident she adores and loves Nillan as she posts pictures of him frequently on social media.

She posted a picture of him recently with the caption.



In another post, she said this to her grandson:

“Village boy..wangu peke angu 😍😍@princenillan toto ya simbaaaaa🦁.”

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