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Some men are not ready to become fathers-Lilian Muli’s advise to singles

Just like Tanasha Donna before her, Lillian Muli seems to be following the trend that many women who have come out of bad relationships follow-they become relationship counselors.

The mother of two has been a one-woman army the past few months as she has been advising her fans and followers on the ills of relationships.

Lillian Muli smiling
Lillian Muli smiling

In her latest post, Lillian quoted relationship coach Susan Nguttu. The general idea of the message was warning people about potential relationship partners and what they should watch out for.

The interesting message(when one considers Lillian’s past relationships) is below:

Some people are good wedding material but are terrible marriage material.
Some people are nice until they have finished with you.
Some are good caring and available as long as they can use you for themselves.
Some are ready for a glamourous wedding but unprepared for a blissful marriage.
Some men are biologically ready to be a father but not mentally or spiritually ready to be a husband.
Yet some ladies are biologically ready to be a mother but not mentally or spiritually ready to be a wife.
They work harder on the wedding plans, than they do on the marriage plans.
A wedding is for one day.
A marriage is for a life time.
Never you forget this.
If you promote a lady who is not ready to be a wife then you have to struggle to make her who she is not.
If you promote a man who is not ready to be a husband then you have to struggle to make him who he is not.

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Her post is instructive considering that she and Shabana FC owner Jared Nevaton were linked romantically in the past with the two even getting a son together.

I am seriously very disturbed – Lillian Muli says after female stalker continues harassment

In late 2018 Lillian blasted a certain man online(whom we thought to be Jared) claiming that she would not tolerate a community husband.

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton at their son’s birthday party

But 2019 looked to be a great year for the couple with Jared even publicly attending their son’s birthday.

But things seem to have taken a bad turn in 2020, with the Citizen TV presenter’s posts denoting a deep regret and dissatisfaction about the experiences that she has had in her past.

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