Professor Hamo with Jemutai

“She’s not my baby mama she’s my wife!” Professor Hamo tells fan about Jemutai

Less than a week ago, comedian Professor Hamo was forced to apologize to Jemutai, his kids, family and fans.

Why? His recalcitrance had seen him dragging fellow comedian, Jemutai to a point where he denied that he fathered her babies, only for the DNA results to come back 99.9% positive.

“Life has a way of forcefully instilling wisdom into someone. A lot happened, so much was said, both positive and negative in the same breath. If an apology is to be made, then it should be soul searched, true, and from deep down. Apologies are made when someone realizes and owns up to their mistakes. I had to go back to family and make good with them otherwise all this would have been a façade. We are patching up things, not there yet but headed there by His grace.” Prof Hamo’s apology read in part.

“I’m done having babies!” Jemutai declares after Professor Hamo apologised

Six days later, in a QnA session on Instagram, Prof Hamo revealed that he plans to marry Jemutai as his second wife, stating that the two have come a long way.

Jemutai smiling
Jemutai smiling

One fan asked, “Will you marry Jemutai as a second wife? I believe she’s a beautiful and go-getter person.” Hamo answered, “Yes…We’ve come a long way.”

Professor Hamo screenshot

When another fan asked whether he had sorted his issues with Jemutai referring to her as his ‘baby mama’ Professor Hamo made it clear that she is his wife. “She’s not my baby mama she’s my wife,” wrote Prof Hamo.

Professor Hamo screenshot 1

He went on to assure his fans that love between the two of them will definitely grow back.

Professor Hamo screenshot 2

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