Prof Hamo reveals being seriously sick during Big laughs 2 event


The support that fans have given him, encouraged Prof Hamo to continue with the show.

The Churchill show comedian in a note on Instagram revealed he was not feeling well and almost quite the onstage performance.

He told ‘This was Sunday the 5th Dec 2021 I’m on stage on medication feeling very weak at this point I was trying so hard to hide it all from the audience and the team backstage, at some point in the show I was struggling with the thought of just leaving the stage mid-way but I decided against the ideas eventually I learnt a very important lesson
It’s hard doing what you love, sometimes it will be through pain and doubts but after all is said and done, ITS WORTH IT




The Big laughs went down on Sunday December 5th, and was an all star comedy event at Quiver Lounge Thika Road.

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