Prezzo chilling

‘I believe in love because I love myself,’ Prezzo says about marriage

Prezzo is one of the most accomplished of musicians that we have in Kenya. Over the years, his antics mainly with his women have caught the attention of many.

His biggest complaint about the women he has dated is that they try to change him.

‘I love my mother, the problem is when I meet someone, they tend to act like they know me better and they know my whole life but as time goes by because I have so many fans out there, so after sometimes they want to change you and control how you handle your fans.’

Prezzo with Amber Lulu
Prezzo with Amber Lulu, an ex of his in the past

He added;

Being a playboy came with the territory. It’s not a bad thing. As with the presidency out there, no woman wants to be number two, they wanna be with the main guy.

Would he get married again? ‘One thing I have come to learn about this world, never says never. You never know what the future holds for you and you end up finding that one person who wins your love. I believe in love because I love myself,’ the rapper said.

Prezzo chilling
Prezzo chilling

Prezzo also felt like he is a catch and said as much explaining, ‘If someone was to stick with me, am actually a nice guy especially to women and will do anything for a woman, but once I start sensing like there is insecurity, it pushes me away, the only person who could have done that was my mother but she just let me be.’

Prezzo reveals impact his daughter has had on his behaviour (exclusive)

The entertainer also revealed that he always gets blamed for the end of his relationships, ‘If you look at my love life when things go bad, people(the woman he is dating) start looking for sympathy saying,

“ooh he used to drink so much, he used to do this and this”. If that was the case then it(the relationship) wouldn’t have lasted even that long of a period,’ he ponders.

Prezzo with Michelle Yola
Prezzo with an ex of his, Michelle Yola in a file photo

He, however, confessed that he always does post-mortems of his relationship and so far he believes he hasn’t caused the demise of any of his relationships,

‘Many a time, am in a relationship, and it fails, I go back to my thoughts and ask myself if I am the one who was wrong, and so far I am not. I stand to be corrected.’

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