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Is he joining politics like Jaguar? Prezzo reveals (exclusive)

The past 2 years, Prezzo has been careful to keep his name out of the public spotlight for anything other than his music. The Prezzo of negative headlines is gone and has been replaced by someone who is careful about the image that he curates.

The man who calls himself El Presidente spoke to me in an exclusive and wide-ranging interview.

Prezzo with the gun sign
Prezzo with the gun sign

The rapper revealed that 2019 had been a good year for him and that he had been pushing upwards. He also said that he would be releasing new music this month.

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He said that the music he was doing now had to reflect his growth and age unlike what he was doing back in the days.

‘As one of the older generation, what you utter from your mouth really counts so before Prezzo was reckless but right now the society will look at you differently.’ the rapper said.

Prezzo posing
Prezzo posing

The singer has said that the legacy he wants to leave was the impact he had in every facet of his life. He said,

I have to leave a mark behind that Prezzo was that guy. My milestones have so much to speak about. The whole industry and Big Brother that I left a mark there. There is also a project in Kibera (where he is building homes for the less fortunate). There is nothing you can do bigger like giving someone shelter.

Prezzo in court
The rapper in court

I asked the rapper whether his projects in Kibera reflected any political ambitions he might harbour? He answered coyly saying,

I am just playing my role. Be mindful that all the projects I am doing are without CDF money. This is my own money. Now imagine if there was CDF money, what kind of place it would be? 

Ponder that…

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