Prezzo Opens Up About His Life And The Lessons He’s Learned Along The Way

Despite him being a bully and killing us with his swag, Prezzo was born at Pumwani Hospital and raised in Eastleigh, Muyuyu section one until he turned ten.


During an interview on Talk Central, the king of blings remembered the life of being brought up in Eastleigh because it taught him the street life and its the kind of place even at ten or eleven at night is as good as day time and guys are up and about.


Being brought up by a single mother, Prezzo describes his mother as the love of his life because she has  been there for him ever since his father passed away and this is what caused the close bond between mother and son.


Whatever he needed, his mother would do everything to make sure he has it to avoid him going on a hunger strike. He later realized how his mother was struggling to make sure he attends school and to make sure she gives him what he wanted. His father passed after being with and his mother had a debt to pay at Nairobi Hospital.


In the beginning of his career in music, his mother was so affected with all the negativity about her son and he decided to sit down with his mother and explain to her that he is a public figure and such things are bound to happen and she should try and adopt to them.


He further said, “I have no regrets for some of the things I have seen written about me reason being whatever it is that you go through being good or bad is for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidence. There is no such thing in this world like coincidence. Its God’s grace.”

Prezzo added that his past women became famous when they were with him and he still talks to some of them. “I talk to Huddah because she is cool and we go way back. I know she go my back. Vera once in a while. The rest of them, No.”

Speaking about his marriage to Daisy Kiplagat, he said, “Marriage life was good and the best part of it is that I got a beautiful baby girl out of it. Daisy loved Jackson Ngechu Makini and she hated Prezzo. I spent so much time into building Prezzo brand and I could not drop it. I have never used drugs in my life.”


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