jaffer Isaak Sora

Photos: Ex-Presidential Aspirant Nabbed With 445Kgs Weed Worth 13 Million

The economy has become so bad that even former presidential candidates are now travelling with large consignments of drugs in their cars.

45-year-old Jaffer Isaak Sora, who contested the presidency in 2013, was nabbed at a police checkpoint near Marsabit town. He was reportedly driving a Toyota Prado Landcruiser that was towing a trailer packed with 445 kilograms of marijuana valued at Ksh13,350,000.

jaffer Isaak Sora
jaffer Isaak Sora’s campaign poster

According to police reports, Jaffer Isaak Sora was stopped by police officers at a roadblock on Wednesday night. He, however, declined to allow the officers manning the checkpoint to search the trailer, prompting them to impound his vehicle.

At Marsabit Police Station, officers conducted a thorough search leading to the marijuana bust. The police report read;

A thorough search was conducted and a total of 445 kgs of street value Ksh13,350,000 of narcotics and psychotropic substance were recovered hidden in a trolley.

The police theory is that the marijuana was sourced from Ethiopia. Check out pictures of the drug bust below;

jaffer Isaak Sora's car
jaffer Isaak Sora’s car
The impounded drugs
The impounded drugs
The impounded drugs
The impounded drugs

While the amount of drugs is substantial. It pales in comparison to the haul made by the Americans this week were more than Ksh. 100 billion worth of cocaine was been seized at the Philadelphia Port on Tuesday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the drug bust netted approximately 16.5 tons of the narcotic from a cargo ship docked at the Packer Marine Terminal.

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