Prepare To Crack Your Ribs! Here’s Why People In Kayole Don’t Need To Use Pillows, According To Nick Odhiambo (AUDIO)

Nick Odhiambo and Larry Asego are always full of surprises when it comes to their show Larry, Nick and Friends, but the best part is the fact that they will find a way to bring humor.

The two top radio presenters have a way to make any topic or conversation funny and this time, they decided to talk about ladies who have a lot of pillows on their bed.

Honestly, ladies like to accessorize their beds with a lot of pillows and even sofa sets for comfort and also because they add a touch of glamor and elegance more so in a big bed.

Larry Asego and Nick Odhiambo don’t understand how women have close to 12 pillows in one bed.


But according to Nick, this only happenshows to women who live in posh surbarbs because they have plenty of rooms and big beds that can fit a number of pillows but this cannot happen to people leaving in ghettos like Kayole.

Nick Odhiambo clarified in the hilarious audio why a man in Kayole would never buy a pillow, leave alone buy 12 pillows for a bed or sofa.

He jokingly said that guys in Kayole would not waste money to buy a pillow since they can use old newspapers to lie on or use a car tyre to sleep on. Oh, men, it’s just too hilarious.

This one will definitely make you laugh out loud even on a bad day.

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