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Pregnant for who? Vivian refutes baby bump claims

Songbird Vivian has refuted claims she is heavy with child. She refuted that she and her husband Sam West are set to welcome a child together.

This was after Vivian posted a photo on Instagram with kids on her birthday and captioned it:

“Anyone, who believes I would be a good mum to these kids, including the one being baked? Yet to come.”

She later deleted the post, although fans had started sending in congratulatory messages.

In the photo, Vivian seems to have added some weight and the bulging midsection was visible.

The couple is, however, raising a blended family as Vivian came into the union with a daughter from a previous relationship, and Sam West also started the family with a son from a former relationship.

When we reached out, Vivian said,

“That was not a baby bump, it was just a joke. There was something I was doing on my birthday with kids. No, I’m not pregnant.”

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