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They calIed me barren when I was already pregnant! Vera Sidika reveals

Socialite Vera Sidika Mung’asia dropped a bombshell this past week when she revealed that she was pregnant. Many were shocked that she was able to keep the news on the DL until now, hiding that precious secret from fans and followers alike.

One thing that the glowing Vera also addressed was the claim that she was barren. In March earlier, an Instagram user had commented “Tasa” after Vera shared a video of a baby on her Instagram page (Now deleted).

“Some st*pid devil called me barren, you all act like you know my life and womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many Lucifer’s on Instagram. St*pid son bi*ch. Worthless piece of sh*t” read Vera’s clap back.

“We don’t know the gender yet” Vera Sidika speaks of stress free pregnancy

She also savaged another fan who told her to have a baby, saying, “Smh! Mind your business. Nizae nisizae what’s your own! Ata nikitaka kuzaa 5 years from now ama 10 shida iko wapi.”

Now Mrs. Sidika has spoken about the incident and disclosed that she was already pregnant at the time.

Vera screenshot
Vera screenshot

The business lady who is married to musician Brown Mauzo also told women not to rush into getting pregnant because motherhood should not be a rushed commitment.

This baby will be the couple’s first child together as Mauzo already has children from a past relationship.

Vera was proposed to by her boyfriend Brown Mauzo on September 24th, 2020 and she said YES. In April 2021, Vera disclosed that she got married to Mauzo on 12th October 2020 and they will do a white wedding when the time is right.

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