Pregnant Avril unveils baby bump for the FIRST TIME

Avril has been pregnant for about 6-8 months. But she has hidden her pregnancy like she was a spy in a Hollywood movie.


The pictures we have got have been very scanty with the details of her bump hidden by either water or depth.


But we Kenyans are enterprising individuals and some were even able to guess the date how long the bun has been in the oven.

Some say that she is in her 8th month. Me, I don’t know or care. All I care for is that she has a trouble-free birth.


But the lady seems to be in a sharing mood as she decided to share some snaps of her baby body. She did this on her social media. The image had a lovey-dovey caption that can serve as a love letter to both her unborn child or to the father. Who knows. You be the judge. Check it out below:



And while we speculate about the identity of the father, with some saying that it may be J Blessing, we enjoy hope that the musician enjoys the final months of her gestation.

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