Anerlisa with Ben Pol

Trouble? Anerlisa unfollows and deletes hubbie Ben Pol’s photos from her Instagram page

What’s going on with Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol at the moment? Yep, the guys who looked to be having the time of their lives as married folk seem to be having some issues.

This is based entirely on following Anerlisa’s Instagram page which normally provides crumbs of evidence on what might be going on in her life.

And the evidence is what you call a smoking gun. First off Mrs. Muigai has decided to unfollow the man who married her not less than a year ago. Not only that she also removed his last name from her bio! But there’s more! She has also removed all her photos with her husband from her Instagram page.

Anerlisa following
Anerlisa following

Don’t forget that a few months ago she had decided to add Ben’s last name to her official names. At the time, it seemed that all was going well but now new posts by the Keroche heiress point to serious issues that might be causing them problems.

The huuuuge significance of Anerlisa Muigai finally taking Ben Pol’s surname

Her I.G stories have been aflame with interesting tidbits. She posted one that raised eyebrows this morning where she spoke about being in a competition with an unknown lady who she continues to throw shade at. As seen in one post, the pregnant lass wrote.

“You can’t compete where you don’t compare b*”

In yet another post, the lady went on to say;

“Only primitive women who hardly know what school is think everything is a competition. You can’t compete to sh*t with an elephant it’s that simple.” As if that wasn’t enough, Anerlisa then complained about ungrateful people. Who might she be talking about?

At this point in time, we have gotten used to the Nero Water CEO spazzing out when things aren’t good in her marriage. Don’t forget that just a few months after their marriage, Mrs. Muigai called out her man for what she felt were disrespectful actions.

Do you think that Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s union will be a long successful marriage(poll)

And while people thought their marriage was in precarious waters, just a few weeks later the two surprised many as they were back in each other’s arms looking all loved up.

So, will that happen again? Who knows…

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