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Pregnancy: Things a new mom with quintuplets needs help with


The crazy whirlwind of diapers, formula, and outfit changes that fill her days are all some of us can think about.

Everylyne Namukhula delivered quintuplets in Kakamega and news of the historic birth has been celebrated by Kenyans.

The babies, 3 girls and two boys, have been moved to Moi Referral Hospital in Eldoret for specialized care.

Everlyne Namukhula, who hails from Sisokhe village in Navakholo Sub
County gave birth to three girls and two boys through Caesarean

Besides the joy of the birth, such mothers need netizens help more than ever.

  1. Everlyne needs nutritional help. Prenatal iron-deficiency anemia is fairly common in single-baby pregnancies. Just think about five babies sucking up all of your nutrients!
  2. The parents need help taking care of their older children, now that the new mom’s time will be taken up by the quintuplets. It’s tough enough bringing home just one new baby with an older child at home, let alone five! Here is where family and neighbors of good will come in.
  3. Diapers for the new-borns. I can only image what it takes, if buying the badly needed item is difficult for one child. Can corporates step in, or better yet our politicians who are philanthopic?
  4. Formula for the children. She may experience low supply of breast milk and have to use formula to meet their nutritional needs.
  5. Clothes. One can only imagine how may times a day she will need to change the clothes worn by these children. If you have spare clothes, please donate them, they will come in handy.

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