Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Will a new pregnancy save Dj Mo and Size 8’s marriage?

Gospel singer Linet Munyali alias Size 8 and her husband Dj Mo have had probably the toughest year since they got married more than 7 years ago.

Their marriage was rocked by a terrible scandal after Dj Mo was accused of cheating on his wife with a particular socialite.

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At the time many wondered whether the couple would split up but Size 8 rubbished those claims and said that she would be sticking with the father of her two kids.

But a few weeks later there was speculation that the couple might be pondering having another kid after one of their reality TV shows on YouTube aired.

In the show, Dj Mo had just finished apologising to his wife for all the shame that he had caused her. According to Mo, he wanted to spend his life with the mother of his children forever. “I love you so much. I want to be with you forever. You crash my heart. I am very sorry about how I talked to you…Hurt you. All I want you to know is I love you,” he said.

Why are female celebs like Betty Bayo advising Size 8 to stay married to Dj Mo?

But he didn’t finish there, the gospel DJ asked his wife if she would want to have another kid but she was quick to say no. “No. Let us stay together but other children no. Do not try giving me another child,” responded Size 8. Responding to his wife, the father of two said he wanted two more but she was not ready to hear any of that.

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What is interesting to me about this whole back and forth is the role reversal going on here. Many times it is often the wives who want to get more kids in marriages. That Mo was the one suggesting shows me one thing about him.

I think the Dj sees getting more kids as a path to securing his marriage and getting it back on track. I also think that the Dj is befuddled on how to get the stink away from his cheating scandal and desperately needs some good news to make many forget about his past indiscretions.

And would getting more kids make many forget about his cheating? No, but they would probably forgive him. Would getting more kids fix the problems in their marriage? I don’t think so and I believe Size 8 knows as much-Their issues aren’t children-based.

The biggest issue I think that Mo is facing is that he isn’t attracted to his wife anymore, something the socialite who exposed him alluded to.

And I don’t think the Dj will ever(can ever) admit as such to himself, something that will be the biggest stumbling block to their marriage.

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