Pray for me! Zuchu asks fans after accident

WCB’s leading female vocalist lady Wasafi signee Zuhura Othman Soud who is known by her street moniker Zuchu is in hospital being treated after a freak accident.

Zuchu informed her fans that she sustained a knee injury after being involved in an accident.

Zuchu shared news of the accident with a video of her knee getting patched up after the road accident.

“Nimepata ajali ndogo iliyo umiza goti langu jana siku moja kabla ya safari yangu kwenda kuperform Kwenye show Ya Muhimu kwangu nchini Nigeria. (I was involved in a minor accident that left me with a knee Injury yesterday night, ahead of my scheduled show in Nigeria),” she said.

Adding, “Canceling a show is one of the hardest decisions siwezi as an artist leo ndo nimejua. Nitakwenda hivyohivyo. (It is a hard decision as an artiste. I will go as I am, injuries and all.”

The Sukari hitmaker went on to ask her fans to say a silent prayer for her.

Zuchu explained, “My manager keeps telling me Afya ni muhimu ila najua ntajiskia vibaya zaidi kutaka kucancell kwenye show kama hii naona bora nikapambanie stagini so pray for me. (My health is more important. And I would feel even worse if i cancelled on my fans. I will push myself and perform well on stage.)”

“I am hurt and confused,” Zuchu confessed.

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