‘Block Your Ears From Bullies ‘Advises Celina Of Mother-In-Law

Celebrated Actress Catherine Kamau famously known as Celina for her role in a local show is advising her fans to block all negative energy around them.

It is not clear whether she was bullied or not but going by her message she might be going through a rough patch. Talking through her social media pages this is what she had to say:

Sometimes you have to block your ears literally.Too much negativity out here,people hiding behind keyboards bullying others.Its a mean world ,Be Bold Be You

Celina, who is both beauty and brains, is married to former Tahidi High actor, Philip Karanja with whom they have a son. She is currently working with Abel Mutua, they run a  company called Phil-It Productions.


She joins a long list of celebrities who have gone through bullying in Kenya among them Betty Kyalo, Adelle Onyango and even Jimmy Gait.But the good thing is these celebrities hit back at their haters by emerging the best in what they do. She adds

 This is me literally blocking talks, comments,and opinions , that dont add value to my journey , been blocking them ears for years .. so far ,so good 😊 try it! Cheers 😘

image-2017-06-22(7)Celina who recently stopped her role in Mother In Law, is not put down by haters and advises that ignoring them is the best medicine.

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