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“Poverty is a bad thing” Vera reacts to no food and drinks claims at baby shower


Vera Sidika’s baby shower on October 10th was one for the books.

The white and pink affair was held in Nairobi and her friends came out wholly to support her.

Vera shared videos of the event and to her annoyance, trolls claimed she didn’t offer attendee’s food and drinks.

She reacted sharply on Monday night sharing screenshots of the allegations plus pictures of the food and drinks to dispel such claims.

“haters will be in their single room hating on a party they didn’t attend. How are you at a party and claim there was no food or drink and how is that your business anyway? u r in a single  room with your broke as* android phone and borrowed hotspot, okoa bundle claiming there’s no food or drinks at a party u never attended. Yet u weren’t and can never even be considered in guest list Unaonea Instagram tuu and you can only see what I post coz I don’t drink or eat at parties  for security reasons meaning I won’t post videos of them, u then say there was no food or drink kwani kuna food yako uimepotea???umaskini nikitu mbaya sana aki nanni”

She continued “these dirty mosquitos always taking panadol for my headache . They have never been to a baby shower like this in their life . They now look for fake stories to tell coz nobody cares when u not winning. they’re always bothered when they see you doing better than they expected . u will rot in jealousy.”

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