Possible reasons men don’t speak about depression and mental health

The growing burden of depression and mental health lies with men according to figures that tell 432 people died from suicide, mostly men.

The figures also say that Kenya is fourth in Africa and ninth in the world with leading cases of mental health.

On the Wednesday morning conversation July 28th, the depression statistics was the focus of attention. Maina heard from men that there are reasons they don’t open up.

One man said it is embarrassing for men to talk about it.Mental-Health-Issues-May-Be-Caused-by-Internet-Addiction-1024x681

Men also said women were the cause of their depression and so it wouldn’t make sense to talk to their spouse.

Another said he would rather die with his state than tell anyone, including his buddies for fear of being ridiculed. He said “I don’t have anybody to talk to coz I can’t talk to another man coz he has the same as me, and if I talk to a female it emerges that I am cheating, so what do I do? uanabaki na shida zako”

Another responded on Classic Twitter handle saying “men have no one to talk to, we don’t have a support system and the solution is to sit at the bar tukikunywa balozi”

A similar thought was expressed “we cannot talk to our wives about depression, they see us like failures if we talk

And lastly another said “men ego can’t allow them to tell a woman, we can’t air your trouble to another man because they will say huyo hana pesa”

Dear Classic 105 fam, how can we all play a part to end stigma and tackle mental health issues?

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