Popular MC Big Ted Opens Up About Undergoing Plastic Surgery To Loose Weight Drastically

The road to weight loss after putting on the pounds is a big challenge and struggle for so many people. While for some it boils down to genetics, others put it down to bad eating habits.

The big health trends right now in Kenya is the green juice diet. It’s also getting common to see more Kenyans jogging along the roads as you drive in traffic.

However those who find it hard to do this use other methods.

Thomas Kwaka, best known as Big Ted, is recognized as one of the most outstanding MCs in the country. He is quite a friendly guy and people seem to have a soft spot for him. Even comedians use him as an example when talking about weight-related joke and he’s cool with because he knows he is big, hence the name Big Ted.



Well, Big Ted has decided to join the healthy people’s club. In a video that is doing rounds, he reveals he currently weighs 156kgs and wants to get to 90 kgs. Seems impossible but not for him.

I have just undergone a gastric bypass surgery in a hospital in India. A few months ago, I met this doctor who came to Kenya and we started talking about various things. But one of the things that caught me was the issue that I’ve been trying to take care of for a very long time, which is managing my weight. I am a big boy. I’m six foot four and I was 256kgs,” he revealed in the video.

He continued, “I underwent a procedure which has helped me loose 5kgs in 4 days. My ideal weight is 90 kgs and I’m working towards the 90 kgs through healthy living, healthy lifestyle, a very well calculated and thought process of what I’m consuming. I am on the way to being a healthy guy.”

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