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Popular Kenyan vlogger Natalie Tewa kicked out of home by boyfriend

Natalie Tewa and Rnaze were our picture-perfect social media couple.

The two, who are famous travel vloggers, won the hearts of many people with their beautiful love story however all that comes to an end today.

Natalie Tewa is trending after her Instagram account was hacked and the hacker exposed her as a cheater. The cat was let out of the bag prompting her to clarify things. So yes she cheated but why did she? Wasn’t this a perfect couple.

Natalie claims that she did not cheat. Their relationship had been strained for a while now. Could it be because they were in a blended relationship? Natalie was a good stepmother to Rnaze’s son and she had a good relationship with his baby mama.

25-year-old Natalie took to social media to announce the end of their relationship because of physical abuse.

Their break up is so nasty because after that, Rnaze went ahead to delete all their pictures taken together including their Youtube posts together.

The two had advertised their long-awaited Asia trip, and will go ahead with the trip solo to ensure she doesn’t compromise her work.

Natalie after ranting later took to social media a few hours later to reveal that she was physically abused. She pleaded with those who witnessed the assault incidences for action to be taken.

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Rnaze was not left behind in the social media rant. As he turns 30 today, it marks the end of a relationship he had worked hard on for so long.

He returned from a trip from Uganda after a four-day trip only to discover she had cheated on him.

He is not big on posting his private life on social media but with this, he needed to.

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