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Ladies – Polygamy isn’t something you seriously have to worry about in Kenya

Polygamy has been the buzzword this past weekend after Nigerian celeb Pretty Mike showed off his 6 pregnant wives-all at once!

He did it after he attended actor Williams Uchemba’s wedding with a bevy of heavily pregnant ladies who he claimed were all his baby mamas. Interestingly, all the ladies wore matching silver outfits and Mike looked dapper in a lovely pink suit.

The shock and consternation among most women was palpable but was in contrast to most men who high-fived the man who was living the life many men would only dream of having.

But while many ladies might have a sense of foreboding after seeing Pretty Mike’s posts and men’s subsequent joy at the news, I have come to tell them that they have very little to be worried about.

‘Are women happy with polygamy?’ Maina and Kingangi discuss

And here’s why?

Firstly, most men just can afford it. Polygamy is a very, very, very expensive affair. Most women will not settle down with a man who hasn’t got his sh!t together. Most men don’t have the resources that Pretty Mike has to manage all those women-He has to spread his resources among 6 women and their dependents!

This is probably the biggest reason that many men can’t be polygamous, and not for a want of trying.

Secondly, the amount of game a man needs to deal with multiple women is something most men don’t have in their repertoire. Imagine one wife is already more than most men can deal with, what about 6! It ain’t happening.

Thirdly, with the spread of Christianity in Kenya, the practise has been frowned upon among the modern populace. That’s why even men who have the resources to be able to maintain many wives keep side-chicks and never officially recognise them in public. That’s why slay queens are a big thing in Kenya.

Ladies, need I say more?

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