Poll results are in – More than half of Kenyans say they will not take the Covid-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 pandemic has done a serious number on the World’s economy forcing big Pharma to work quickly on vaccines that were produced in record time.

From early 2021, the vaccine was rolled out around the world and started in earnest in Kenya earlier this month.

Kenya received 1.02 million doses of the Covid-19 Astrazeneca vaccine on March 3 and an additional 100,000 doses of the same from the Indian government.

Within two days of the vaccines being received into the country, distribution was effected to all the nine regional stores and by Saturday, March 6 even the furthest counties like Mandera had received their doses.

From March 8 the counties started drawing their allocations and by Tuesday of this week, all the counties were vaccinating.

The government plans to scale up the vaccination campaign by increasing the number of vaccination centres from the current 47 government health facilities with an additional 622 private and faith-based facilities.

To date, more than 28,000 frontline workers have been reached with the jab since the rollout. The question many are asking is whether the Astrazeneca vaccine which had been pulled of the shelves in some European countries is safe to use?

Some of the European countries had halted vaccinations after serious blood clots cropped up in some recipients causing some of their citizenry to say they wouldn’t take the shot.

And Kenyans have been watching keenly with some saying that they wouldn’t touch the vaccine with a 20-foot pole as their confidence in it had been shattered.

In a poll conducted by Classic105 about whether Kenyans would take the vaccine, the results were split, with more than half saying they wouldn’t take it.

The poll results are below:

Covid-19 vaccine screenshot
Covid-19 vaccine screenshot

Some of the comments from Kenyans who voted are below:

Kuna sindano naeza dungwa na niyamaze but hiyo nitalia na juu sitaki aibu mbele ya watu,no.

CS Mutahi Kagwe akichanjwa hiyo vaccine in live National Tv cameras, I’ll go for it.

No need if after taking u’ll still be affected.

Science has kept us alive we need to trust and embrace science.

God has kept us alive not science, in fact, science has made life complicated.

Uhuru aki sign in bilashaka ntaichukua bure nooo.

Yes inshallah…

Hii nayo siwezi.

No way!!!

I did already.


Siwez make.

Since I was given a polio vaccine and saved me from polio yes, please.

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