Anerlisa Muigai with Ben Pol

Poll results are in-Do you think that Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s will have a successful marriage?

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol have been the subject of separation rumours this year. The couple who got married a few months ago has not had the most stable marriage since then.

Many have wondered whether they were still married since they had not been seen together for some time, with a lot of the speculation by the public being fueled by the actions of the couple itself.

Some of the eyebrow-raising incidents that caused many to wonder what was going on between the two (for those who can’t remember them) are below:

It started with Anerlisa and Ben Pol unfollowing each other on Instagram in August, something that normally portends serious issues in a relationship.

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A few days later Ben Pol posted a cryptic message saying, “I needed some cleansing to do…”, with many wondering what was going on in his life?

A few months later, Anerlisa came out to say that she and her husband weren’t seeing eye to eye. This came about after a fan who took part in the artist’s InstaLive (which was very intimate) curiously spread the word to her about Ben’s actions that were allegedly taking place behind her back.

She revealed that she is “a person who likes to protect her image and strongly dislikes individuals who disrespect her”. She then went ahead to hint that Ben Pol did something that completely put her off, stating that “any husband should do the same to their wife”.

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Then in October this year, Ben Pol converted to Islam, something that came as a shocker considering that he and his wife had gotten married in a church.

That act alone showed a divergence of sorts between the two. Where was Anerlisa at such an important juncture in his life and was she supportive of such a life-altering decision?

The questions didn’t stop there as the couple kept mum about their issues fueled by the couple’s refusal to post images of each other or together on social media.

But all that changed this week with the release of Ben Pol’s song Kidani, with the two suddenly acting like all the crazy months after their wedding hadn’t happened.

Which led me to ask the simple question? Would the couple’s marriage be a successful one? The poll results are in and Kenyans believe that the couple will indeed go the full distance.

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A screenshot of the results is below:

Anerlisa Muigai_Ben Pol poll results
Anerlisa Muigai_Ben Pol poll results

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