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Poll: If Maina Kageni roasted maize in Muthurwa, would women date him?

A male caller shocked Maina Kageni and Classic 105 fans after stating on radio that women only stalk him because he is famous and loaded.

According to her women would not even look at him twice if he was just a random guy.

Maina if you were roasting maize in Muthurwa no one would look at you twice. Also if Mwalimu King’ang’i was a mkokoteni puller no one would entertain you.

Men should just know there is no true love in slay queens and second wives.

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Another caller adds that at one point his wife hinted that she would not mind living life as a single woman.

‘Maina sometimes women are the ones that push us to do things that we were not planning to.

My wife once told me she would really enjoying living life as a single woman how would that make you feel as a man? 

I am not planning to leave her but I started another family so now I have two sons with another lady and my wife does not know.

We shall see how she will achieve the life where she was aspiring to live  alone because I plan to leave everything to my kids.

Women sometimes give us reasons to leave them empty,When you live badly with a man you will find yourself with seven co-wives.

Another caller adds

I am planning on leaving her once I get some good money I am tired she is really stressing me. Within a year I will leave her and she does not know.

I don’t care.



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