Politicians with baby mama drama. Here’s how much they want these politicians to pay as child upkeep

While some politicians have managed to keep their personal lives off the public, others have come out clean to admit that yes- they do have baby mama drama.


Below are some of the politicians whose juicy baby mama drama keeps us entertained all day long.

1. Senator Wamatangi

This year Senator Wamatangi was sued by a woman who claimed that he was not taking responsibility of a 10-year-old child she bore for him.

According to Winfred Wangui Kimani, the senator has only seen their child twice, “when she was two-months-old and he gave me Sh7, 000, and towards the end of 2007, when he was vying for a parliamentary seat.” She further claims that, “He came home to see my mother with Sh20, 000 and promised to pay for his daughter’s upkeep.”

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Senator Wamatangi
Senator Wamatangi

She furher said that since the birth of their child on April 23, 2007, Wamatangi has only sent Sh70, 000 through M-Pesa and that he has refused to pay Sh75,000 monthly upkeep.

Partly she says

“I am the plaintiff herein and was from July 2006 working for the defendant as a house maid. On July 18, at about mid-day, the defendant defiled me in his house. He threatened me with dire consequences if I reported to the police. Subsequently, I left employment and conceived. I gave birth on April 23, 2007. The defendant has all along been aware of these facts. When I ask for child support, he erratically sends a sum of Sh3,000, which he sends after a long time and when he is pushed. I am jobless.”

2. Charles Nyachae

The 60-year-old judge of the East African Court of Justice was recently accused of neglecting his child born out of a one night stand with a woman named Esther Wamuyu Macharia.

In texts exposed by The Nairobian, Wamuyu was demanding Sh100,000 monthly upkeep until their child reached 18 or a Sh20 million one-off payment, while Nyachae was only willing to art with Sh26,000 for school fees.



Simeon Nyachae, was previously married to Kaptuiya Cheboiwo. She was the Woman Rep aspirant for Baringo North where her late father, Henry Cheboiwo, was MP for 22 years.

Nyachae hails from Kisii County where Wamuyu was born and where she attended Kisii University, taking criminology and security studies while working as a part-time receptionist at a hotel where the two met in January 2014.

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3. Peter Gitau

In 2012, a woman who claimed to have a child fathered by then Mwea MP Peter Gitau went to court to have him support the child. At the time she was seeking Sh1.2 million from the lawmaker in upkeep.

But Mwea MP Peter Gitau denied the allegations, saying that he is a happily married family man.

In a suit filed at a Nairobi court, the mother working in a private company in Nairobi, claimed that Mr Gitau made her pregnant and then dumped her.

Peter Gitau
Peter Gitau

She alleged that the MP promised her a job, a car and a house if she bore a child for him.

She wanted the court to issue orders for the MP to provide for the baby arguing that under the Children’s Act, he is obliged to provide maintenance.

She met the MP in Nakuru in 2010 and after being promised the “goodies”, she agreed to have a child with Mr Gitau. But the lawmaker abandoned her after she informed him that she was pregnant.

“The defendant stopped all means of communication with me when I became pregnant,” she says.

“I am a happily married man with a family and the allegations that I promised the plaintiff a house, car and job are absolute lies meant to support material greed and extortion,” the MP said.

He alleged that the woman was a stranger to him as he had only met her twice — first for a business meeting at his private office in Nakuru and later during a social event.

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