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Politician Joyce Lay reveals she lived in fear before her husband got saved

Polician Joyce Lay says she lived in fear before her husband got saved.

In a long post on Instagram, the politician turned gospel artiste said her husband mocked Christians and everything he did was anti-Christ.

She recently revealed that her husband got saved during the burial ceremony of her mum last week.

This came few weeks after she said she had dropped her family name since her husband did not want to be associated with her ministry.

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She shared;

”I didn’t preach to my husband. I couldn’t.
His behavior towards Jesus, made me think, that he was an anti- Christ.
He used to scare me sometimes. I lived in fear several times. Not knowing what kind of a person he was.
He was a Saul of this generation, only that he didn’t kill people of God physically.
He despised preachers. Oh my God… Let me not even talk of that….

All I can say is, I have seen God answer prayers. After all the experiences, I stopped mentioning Jesus to him, and I continued praying. I turned my focus away from him, and looked up unto God. I asked God, to He himself, deal with Bill.

Bill’s salvation started in his dreams.
I was suprised for the first time to hear him say the words “Jesus spoke to me” or, “I heard the voice of God.”

She added’

”I will dance for my Lord soon. I want to give thanks to my God, for I have seen him change Bill before my eyes.
Is there anything too hard for him?
No! The God who saved Bill, will give him the Holy Spirit to help him. We can’t rush him. Especially into going to Church every Sunday. He does not understand it yet. This is the work of God, and we have to allow him to finish it.”


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