Political views to mental health! 17 things to discuss before getting married

A Kiambu couple who were found dead in their Kirigiti home on Tuesday evening, August 3 elicited debate after it was claimed that her husband hid his impotency from her and yet she was five months pregnant.

And the fights prove that love is not enough to build a marriage on, according to comments made by the internet in a discussion about how to ensure your marriage lasts.

The responses were from a comment by Twitter user @greatzara who urged people to be serious after sharing their list below.

  1. bills

2. Parenting styles

3. Credithappy-black-couple

4. Debt

5. Religion

6. How to deal with family

7. What beliefs will be instilled in your children

8. Childhood traumasHappy-Couple-The-Trent1-e1411679930875

9. Sexual expectations

10. Partner expectations

11. Financial expectations

12. Family health history

13. Mental health historycoupleHappyDate

14. Bucket list

15. Dream home

16. Careers and education

17. Political views

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