Joash Ombati

Police officer Joash Ombati recovers 400k stolen from a man in broad daylight in a daring attack in Westlands

A police officer identified as Joash Ombati has won the hearts of many after coming to the rescue of a man who had been robbed in broad daylight.

The incident which happened in Westlands on Wednesday around 1:40pm attracted the attention of the officer after he saw a man being thrown out of a moving Toyota shouting “wezi wezi” (Thieves! Thieves!)

Ombati said he was patrolling behind Villa Rosa Kempinsky and was standing by the roadside waiting to cross over to a hotel for lunch when the incident occurred.

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Ombati said he saw commotion 20m from where he was standing.

“I saw a gentleman with a black bag being thrown out of a vehicle as it sped towards me,”

Officer Joash Ombati
Officer Joash Ombati

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Ombati cocked his gun and asked the driver to stop, but he refused.

“There was a taxi where I was standing. The driver told me the men are thieves and we needed to chase them. I entered the taxi and we followed them,”

Ombati said as they trailed the two men, he shot at the white Toyota and its tyres were deflated.The vehicle went through Museum Road and followed the Parklands police station route.

As Ombati trailed the Toyota, he kept firing in the air to alert the officers at the station.

“I did not have time to get into the station to ask for back up. When the vehicle reached Mpaka Road, it hit a huge rock and stopped.

I shot at the window and the occupants of the vehicle surrendered.”

The suspects who were arrested by Joash

He ordered the men to lie down on the ground as a crowd began gathering,as he did this he adds that someone else tried running away with the cash

“A boda boda rider opened the front door and took the stolen money, but I went after him and recovered it.”

I’m happy because I helped a Kenyan…This is a blessing to me. Whenever I do such deeds I feel very satisfied. What if the thieves stole from this man?”

Narrating the ordeal to the Star, Ombati said being a great policeman to the people is one of his prayer points.

“If I could have ignored the thieves, then it means that I’m being paid to do zero work? In that case, I should just leave my work and go home and look after cows.”

Ombati, 34, said his wife Judith Kerubo was shocked when she learnt of the ordeal.

“I have a wife and two girls. My wife was shocked yesterday but now she is fine… they depend on me for everything. What if these people killed me? My family could have despaired.

My wife is a housewife and they look up to me, so I have to stay safe at all times.”

Ombati who hails from Kikuyu town said he explained to the wife the circumstances that led to the chase and she was able to regain composure.

“I keep praying that God keeps me safe for my family,”

Ombati’s firstborn is in Standard Two at Kikuyu Primary School and the other one has not yet started school.

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