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Police Hunt For Thieves Who Killed a Fourth Year Student During a Bar Raid In Bungoma

Police are looking for a gang that killed a fourth-year student when it attacked a pub in Bungoma County on Wednesday night.

Moses Mukhebi was fatally hit on the head with an axe during the 10 pm incident.

The Egerton University student and his friend Chrispinus Wekesa were the last customers at Mareba bar.

Boniface Wafula, the bar manager, said Wekesa was severely injured as they resisted the gang members.

“The thugs were armed with one AK-47 rifle, a pistol, an axe and a panga. They attacked the two customers whom they met at the entrance as they were leaving. They then came to me and my boss who was about to leave,” Wafula said on Thursday.

He said the attackers stole Sh30,000 from the days’ sales and mobile phones in the 30-minute siege.

“They also took a few drinks and smashed bottles on the ground,” Wafula added.

“[They also took] my boss and a waitress hostage for about 30 minutes, then asked us to undress and run for our lives.”

The man said police response was slow and their security guard took to his heels as soon as the attackers arrived.

South Bukusu chief Julius Barasa said police are looking for the men suspected to be part of a syndicate that has been attacking residents.





-Brian Ojamaa

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