Dubai police

KCB Thika kando! Police in Dubai in search of Kenyan guard who stole 137 million!

A Kenyan security guard may tarnish the names of Kenyans in the Emirates after this latest news. The unidentified man was able to disappear with over 100 million shillings. How was he able to do it?

According to Khaleej Times, the unnamed security guard disappeared after stealing the money from a vehicle that was transporting the cash to an ATM at a popular shopping mall in the city.

Dubai police
Dubai police cars
The daily reports that the man was able to distract his colleagues before them vanishing with the millions. The robbery happened at around 10:30 pm.

The theft has astounded many with the comments by Kenyans being particularly stinging. Two examples of some of the comments are below:

Gladys: What a shame. Such a Selfish human being who doesn’t think about the reputation of his fellow county and it’s people. (I am a Kenyan…and this is disgusting)

Lisa: These are the kind of Kenyans who are messing up our reputation in UAE. I hope this is the last incident of tainting our beautiful country name

Dubai police
Dubai police cars

How will this end for the robber with bowling ball sized balls? The Dubai police are known to be efficient and effective, so unless his plan was not spontaneous he will most likely be caught.

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