Jimal’s 1st wife Amira responds to accusation she threatened to poison her own kids

Jimal Rohosafi is one of the wealthiest men in Kenya but while he might be at the top of his game in business, that doesn’t translate into his personal affairs.

And why would I say that? The way he has handled his two wives so far. His first wife Amira, and her co-wife Amber Ray have been at each other’s necks the past week with each going hard at the other.

Amber has really upped the ante this week accusing Amira of all sorts of things. One of the crazy allegations she wrote was that Amira had not only threatened to get a divorce from her husband but it was implied that she would kill herself and her two sons.

“And please last warning kwa wale mnaniambia niwachane na hii maneno. Nita wa block, you guys don’t know the nonsense I take everyday hapa kwa ground. Being forced to be the bigger person juu mtu anashinda akisema atakunywa sumu na apee watoto pia then anakuja kuwahubiria online 🚮🚮”

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

But because Jimal has refused to settle his two wives, Amira has had to come out to defend herself. She responded by saying,

“My babies, mum could never hurt you let alone ashame you ❤️. My supportive followers, all those DMs that have encouraged someone & those always showing me love, ati nawaacha niende wapi?”


“Ndio tu tumejuana we have so much wins to come and things to share ata recipe bado tujamaliza. Haya maisha ni matamu msichochwe dah! There is so much to live for.”

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