‘Please sit down and talk to daddy,’ – Diamond’s sister Zubeida begs star

Diamond Platnumz’ father has been sick for almost two years now and all he seeking for is his son’s attention and forgiveness.

Abdul has been in interviews calling out on Diamond and so far, nothing much has happened. For the longest time now, the father of the bongo star has been pleading for help to treat this ailment.

Last year in an interview with Mwananchi, he opened up about his struggle getting out of bed because of a leg problem and the pain he endures.

A few days ago, Diamond’s sister spoke to Global TV pleading for Diamonds help. She jetted into Tanzania to help her father who is very sick.

Diamond Platnumz Nairobi Press conference

Zubeida claims that the fathers medical condition is worsening and she wants to meet up with him so that she can grow her relationship with him and also between him and the father.

She cried out asking what is the major reasons why Diamond does not want a relationship with his father

I am asking you if possible, you can see each other, sit down and talk. see if the problem between you and your daddy can be sorted especially because your daddy is very ill. sometimes i communicate with him at night and he is crying because of the pain from the legs. IF YOU WANT to meet me i’ll be happy. i want you to see the extent of your dads illness we talk then you will understand why i flew in from London

From the video, you can tell Zubeida is very emotional just seeking to mend a relationship. Diamonds father, Abdul is present but all he can do is smile hoping for the best. Hoping that the message will get to Diamond and the response will be good.


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