Kinyozi lady giving a man a massage

‘Please hire beautiful masseuse’s for your kinyozis’ Kenyan men beg owners

We all know that men love visiting the barber most especially when they are sure there will be a massage from the lady masseuse in the building.

Men would give anything to visit barbershops just to see the damsels and let them do what they do best.

One man posed

‘Men am I the only one who loves Kinyozi massages? Here is what one man had to say

Humble request to kinyozi owners. When hiring these ladies who wash and massage our heads after we shave, ensure they are beautiful.

Such privileges are the reasons some of us shave weekly. Siwezi lipa pesa zangu nyingi alafu naoshwa uso na mekatili wa menza 

Kinyozi lady giving a man a massage
Kinyozi lady giving a man a massage

Just when you think you have heard enough another adds

These ladies at the kinyozi, they massage you mpaka unasahau mashida yote and they look you straight in the eye while at it. Hii ndio struggle gani?

Another adds

How do you guys buy time so you don’t wake up with your boner showing after that kinyozi massage?

Another man adds that he is too sensitive

If it was up to me, I’d be getting full body massages every now and then. Sasa shida ni moja. I’m too ticklish to withstand any kind of physical contact.

Hata ile ya kinyozi ya shoulders huwa shida. Huu mwili unahitaji kukandwa.

A female masseuse shares that they also go through challenges given that some men end up becoming aroused yet they came with their wife to the barber shop.

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Another Kenyan went to share some of the best shops where men can find a good masseuse after a shave.image-2019-05-07 (1) (1)

Another beautician agrees that all the things men go through is true

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