Bure Kabisa! Vera Sidika’s failed Instagram live show, Sin City, roasted by Kenyans

It seems that the need for attention has gotten to the nth degree for Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika. After her much-publicised curfew breaking antics this past week that renewed interest in her life, the curvy lady isn’t stopping with those stunts anytime soon.

Vera has decided to follow Xtian Dela’s late-night(and very naughty) Instagram show, Club COVID with her very own, Sin City. Miss Sidika revealed this on her social media page telling her fans to tune in for the crazy antics that would ensue.

The bootylicious beau was set to host several of her bootylicious friends on the Instagram live, where they would entertain her followers by showing off their twerking prowess.

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The first show was slated for yesterday and was a failure depending on who you ask. According to Vera, the show failed because there were too many requests and comments coming in at the same time, which made the live crash.

Vera Sidika posing

She also apologized to her followers saying that she would fix the situation and have the show as soon as possible, as she appreciated them for tuning into the show.

“More than 42,000 views in 10 minutes. WOW. I appreciate y’all for tuning in tonight even though my IG live crashed & the show didn’t happen 😩😭 I’m so pis*ed. I had my big Booty girls set aside for tonight & due to overwhelming requests & comments couldn’t get them to come in 😭😩 Show didn’t happen but I’ll fix this soon I promise 🥰 Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Love y’all ❤️💦🍑” said Vera Sidika.

Miss Sidika looking good in green
Miss Sidika looking good in green

But some fans had a difference of opinions which they expressed on her Instagram live section with many of the comments describing the show as boring while others preferred watching Dela’s show to her.

Screenshots from the socialites Instagram live
Screenshots from the socialites Instagram live
Screenshots from the socialites Instagram liveVera Sidika screenshots
Screenshots from the socialites Instagram live.Courtesy/Urbannews254
Screenshots from the socialites Instagram live
Screenshots from the socialites Instagram 

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