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Pierra Makena shows off improved figure in body hugging tights

Pierra Makena has been engaged in many fights this year. From her back and forth with Mishi Dorah to her weight gain.

Let us not forget that the DJ gave birth to a baby in 2016 and most likely would have gained some baby fat. She gained so much weight that her doctor advised her to lose some of it for her own sake.

Pierra Makena
After her weight gain

Mishi Dorah was not one to mince words as she spoke some unflattering words about Pierra’s body. Her Instagram post was later deleted but all the criticism must have had an effect on her as she proclaimed that she would diligently hit the gym.

Pierra Makena
In her glorious past

Yesterday she decided to release some photos showing off her new and improved body. The snaps seen by were published on her Instagram account on Sunday, May 27.

The pictures show Pierra in figure-hugging gym-wear that shows that she has lost weight. Me, I don’t see it. With figure shapers dominating the market and men being lied to constantly, I think this may be a figure-shaper.

Pierra Makena
Her Instagram post

Yes, I am being cynical but for one to realistically see some weight loss one has to show a before and after in nearly similar attire. This is to avoid the impression of angles, colours or types of clothes that may flatter the body.

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena

My argument is pretty simple. I think she may be wearing shape-wear. The style is called mid-waist shorts. This style goes from about mid waist to the upper thighs, butt and lower abdominals. It will help to hug everything in. This style works well with not only dresses, but hip-hugging style pants as well.

The figure shaper
An example of the figure shaper

So what do you think?

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