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‘A piece of my heart,’ Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena showers him with love

Zuena Kirema is wife to Ugandan legendary singer Bebe Cool. On this day in 1977, the ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’ hitmaker was born. In January this year, the couple celebrated their 19th anniversary.

Well, in a social media message, Zuena praised the singer describing him as a king and her love.

“A piece of my heart, a king, the father to my babies was born today. Happy birthday my love. May Allah keep blessing you my love, you’re always giving and for that matter, you deserve nothing but the best my love. Thank you for always fulfilling your promises. I love you infinity Bebe Cool.”

Bebe Cool/Instagram
Bebe Cool/Instagram

A year ago, however, Zuena lamented to Spark TV saying she hadn’t seen the heaven the singer promised her over a decade ago.

“Generally life hasn’t been easy since the start. However, what I’m happy about is that my husband fulfilled his promises. When I met Bebe, I was really young. He promised me heaven and earth. He has given me the earth but I’m yet to see the heaven,” she said

From us is happy 43rd birthday to Bebe Cool.

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