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‘She picked our baby and left,’ Mr Seed’s wife packs and goes back to her home (Video)

Gospel singer Mr Seed’s wife Nimo Gachuiri has packed and returned home after the singer cheated on her.

Speaking on Size 8 and DJ Mo’s reality show ‘Dine With The Murayas’ Episode 2 season 1, Nimo claimed a friend of hers saw Mr seed and another woman behaving in a way that suggested they had a thing.

“We have been in the relationship for seven years, married for two years. There has been an issue of her listening too much to other people, yet she doesn’t want to hear my side. I was with my boys and someone told her other things. At the event, there were friends and they came with their girls. My issue was, she was given the wrong information.”
“It has been too much every day, when I go home, she is showing me attitude. She is only given one sided story.”
mr seed

He added that Nimo does not pack but instead, she picks their son and left their matrimonial home.

“I am even worried, I am hungry and keep wondering whether I married a person who does not understand me. Right now she is at her parent’s home. If you can help me, please do”

Nimo claimed she was tired of the drama with her husband.

“I do not want to listen to that drama. I dont want to listen to him. I have already been told who the girl is. I asked him and he said he was only doing business. My friend told me he was with women and one of them was sitting on him.”

Dine With The Muraya is a family show that airs every Monday on NTV.

Speaking to Word Is, DJ Mo said the show is the most watched in the country.

“We have started the second season and currently, the show is the most-watched in the country right now,” he said.

“Unlike the first season, where it was all about us sharing some of our challenges in marriage, we will now be having a younger couple that we advise and an older couple that will be coming to tell their stories and encourage others with their journey.”

The father of two says people should not believe what haters write on social media about the show.

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