Photos of Zari’s high end car collection that will make your pockets cry

It’s no secret that Zari Hassan is not just the girl next door. She is a woman of class and great taste and she is not apologetic for that.

Apart from shopping in designer shops, interacting with the cream de la creme of the society Zari owns a collection of big classy cars.

While me and you are busy bargaining matatu fares Zari is always spoilt for choice on what car to use.
She also runs school left behind by her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

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Zari with her kids
Zari with her kids

There is a famous saying which says ‘Tumia pesa ikuzoee’ which translates to use money till it gets used to you and that is exactly what Zari is doing.

A wise man also said that

Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.

‘Men with side chicks are poor performers in bed back at home’ Getrude

Below are photos of her cars collection


Photo of Zari and Peter of P-square emerges after cheating claims




Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

They say you should not envy another person’s life or properties but given a chance I wouldn’t mind trading places with Zari minus the drama in her life.

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