PHOTOS: Top 10 Shortest Leaders In The World

It is given that tall individuals have an added advantage over short individuals in the society, in terms of; status, prestige, and leadership. I stand corrected but honestly, fortune seems to favor both the brave and tall individuals more compared to the shorter fellows.

A number of you would  however argue that size and power don’t necessarily go hand in hand, adding that most current shorter leaders have actually done better than their taller counterparts, hence beating Professor Mark Van Vugt’s logic, which states that; “Taller individuals are seen as more leader-like because they are perceived as more dominant, healthy, and intelligent. “

Below is a list of top 10 world’s shortest leaders.

10. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (5ft 11in)


73-year-old Museveni is one of the world’s longest serving leaders, having led Uganda for almost 3 decades, dating back to 1986 after a successful military coup against Milton Obote.

9. Enrique Peña Nieto (5ft 7in)


At only 49, Enrique is the 57th President of Mexico, whose six-year term began in 2012. According to wikipedia, Enrique once served as governor of the State of Mexico from 2005 to 2011.

8. Francois Hollande (5ft 7in)

Daily Mail

Joining Enrique at 5ft 7in category, is 61-year-old French president Francois Hollande. Hollande has been at the French helm since 2012.

7. Vladimir putin (5ft 7in)

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the President of Russia since 7th May 2012, after succeeding Dmitry Medvedev.

62-year-old Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012.

6. Jacob zuma (5ft 6in)

Uhuru Kenyatta with Jacob Zuma
Uhuru Kenyatta with Jacob Zuma
Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is the fourth and current president of South Africa. 73-year-old Zuma is one of the shortest presidents in the world standing at 5ft and 6in. Zuma was elected as president back in 2009 before being re-elected in 2014. He also served as Deputy President of South Africa from 1999 to 2005.

5. Angela Merkel (5ft 5in)

Daily Mail

61-year-old Angela Dorothea Merkel, made history after she became the first woman to hold the chancellor of Germany office back in 2005.

4. Serzh Sargsyan (5ft .41in)

Serzh Sargsyan

61-year-old Serzh Sargsyan, is the third and current President of Armenia. He has served as President since April 2008.


3. Park Geun-hye (5ft 4in)

Park Geun-hye 63, is the eleventh and current President of South Korea (since 2013). She is the first woman to be elected as President in South Korea and is serving the 18th presidential term.
She is currently suspended from her powers and duties amidst impeachment proceedings. 

2. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (5ft 4in)


Pope Francis with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner PHOTO:

Cristina Fernandez is the former President of Argentina (2007-2015) and widow of former President Néstor Kirchner. according to wikipedia, Fernandez became the second woman to serve as President of Argentina (after Isabel Martínez de Perón, 1974–1976), the first directly elected female president and the first woman re-elected.

1. Michelle Bachelet (5’ft 1in)


Ex Chilean president (L) with her Argentinian counterpart Fernandez PHOTO; dailymail

65-year-old Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria, is another history maker. Michelle is the former president of Chile. She previously served as President from 2006 to 2010, becoming the first woman in her country to do so.

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