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Photos of Sally and Grace the two women Mugabe loved to his death

They say lightning does not strike the same place twice but for the late Robert Mugabe it did as he found love in two women and wed them in church.

Uncle Bob as the former Zimbabwean President was known was married to a  Sally Hayfron a Ghanian until her demise in 1992 over renal failure.

The couple had one kid, Michael who had earlier passed on. Below are photos from their wedding in April 1961, Harare.

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Mugabe and his late wife Sally Mugabe

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Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe  was the second wife of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

She served as the First Lady of Zimbabwe from 1996, until her husband’s resignation in November 2017

The couple were blessed with three kids, a daughter and two sons.

Grace Ntombizodwa was born in Benoni, South Africa to migrant parents as the fourth of five children in the family.

In 1970, she moved to Rhodesia, to live with her mother, Idah Marufu in Chivhu while her father stayed and worked in South Africa to support his family

Below are photos from his wedding to Grace Mugabe





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