Omar Lali with Zeddy

Comedian Zeddy warned by Kenyans after taking intimate photos with Omar Lali

Omar Lali is in the news again. For what exactly you might ask? The only reason he always trends is because of his infamous associations with popular Kenyan women. Ouch! I said it.

First, it was for his relationship with the late Keroche rich kid, Tecra Muigai.

Tecra and Omar Lali
Tecra and Omar Lali

Then Kenyans were shocked when they saw Omar with a certain light-skin lady called Koko Kamillah early this year, that had men asking what his secret was.

Woman explains story behind that viral picture with Omar Lali

And it seems that Mr. Lali does have a way with the ladies as another celeb was recently spotted with him to the amazement of many Kenyans.

And that comedian is Zeddy who shared images of the two at the beach. Her interesting Facebook caption read, “Omar Lali has told me a cow’s liver never gets old. What does it mean?”

Omar Lali with Zeddy 1
Omar Lali with Zeddy 1

Many Kenyans went onto her comments section where they warned the former Churchill Show comedian that she should watch out as she hangs out with the Lamu local, while others were left impressed with Lali’s way with the ladies.

Read some of those comments below:

Run girl run when you can.

Where do you guys get this kind of strength from?

Since you are a public figure Zeddy, I feel it is a bit insensitive to the Keroches! My thoughts though.

Omar Lali is that guy. He is only gifted and innocent.

The DCI will sooner or later start a probe of Zeddy’s whereabouts. Keep this comment for reference.

At long last, you meet him congrats, but remember whatever is inside that bag will make you avoid anybody, including your own children, just to stay around him.

You were serious? Please be careful lest you get stuck there.

I really fear that guy. I heard he casts a spell on people, so take care.

Omar was the main suspect in the unprecedented death of the late Keroche heiress in May 2020. The two were having a romantic getaway when Tecra allegedly tumbled down the stairs to her death.

The case was however dismissed two months later when investigators failed to link Lali to his former lover’s death. 

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