James Wambugu

Photos of James Wambugu, man who stabbed his wife more than 20 times

The name James Wambugu may not be familiar to you but to one family it is a name they would wish to completely forget after he killed their daughter.

On Sunday 28th Wambugu is alleged to have stabbed his wife in unclear circumstances.

Mr Joseph Rateng, who lives next door, says the screams were sudden and loud. When neighbors responded, they found the steel door locked from inside but Ms Kagure was still screaming. Then she stopped.

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“The door was still locked and a crowd had already gathered. People were threatening to force the door open if he was not going to do it,” recalled Mr Rateng.

By chance, it happened that one window pane had not been locked from the inside. This gave the neighbours a chance to peep inside after they had been denied entry.

The lady was on the floor naked with blood oozing from several parts. James was also naked standing beside her with a knife in his hands.

When he saw us he rushed to the bedroom and came back fully dressed and opened the door.

James Wambugu in a past photo
James Wambugu man accused of stabbing his wife more than 20 times at their home in Pipeline, Nairobi


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