Photos of Governor Ann Waiguru’s look-alike has KOT amazed

Netizens have helped Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru find her doppleganger.

Excitement broke out online after a picture of the new UoN student leader Ann Mvurya were shared and how much she resembles Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru.

The striking resemblance has also grabbed the attention of Waiguru who took to social media to congratulate her look-alike.

Ann is the newly elected Chairperson of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA).

student leader 2


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Anne Waiguru took to social media to congratulate the third year law student at the University of Nairobi saying;

Congratulations Anne Mwangi Mvurya for your historic win as the first woman leader of the UON Student Association. Confirms what we’ve always known; women CAN and WILL make great leaders. Make us proud!

However, Kenyans on the gram could not help but notice the resemblance some saying that they were probably from the same mother, were sisters from another mother.

Anne Waiguru
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru

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Some said said that she was probably her long lost child, others even said that it was yet another coincidence in the name too! Seemed like ‘Anne’s’ were deemed for success.

Below are photos of the woman who many confuse with Waiguru.









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