njoro at pap shirandula

Photo of distraught Njoro mourning at Papa Shirandula’s grave moves Kenyans



Kenneth Gichoya aka Njor of the popular TV show Papa Shirandula has moved Kenyans.

A photo of Njoro holding the grave of the late Papa Shirandula minutes after the burial in Busia has gone viral.

In the comedy show Njoro starred as the hilarious but not-so-smart guy, but this time round things were serious.

Njoros chemistry with Papa Shirandula in the show was undeniable.

Kenyans shared the picture of Njro by the grave noting how sad he looks, and wanting to know if there was a way they could help him.

My husband died while seated in the vehicle at Karen Hospital – Papa Shirandula Wife

Here are comments
This pic of Njoro on Papa Shirandula’s grave is sad Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face a friend till the last journey

I’m lost of words…. help Njoro recover. I propose to the management of

to sacrifice just a ticket for this guy for some holiday to Dubai, to atleast to help recover.

Saddest photo in the internet today. R.I.P. Papa.njor

#RIPPapaShirandula, it’s quite sad. The sadness is written all over his face. Take heart #Njoro. There’s a time for everything. Ecclesiastes 3:To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

In one of their episodes,i remember Njoro telling Papa, ” Mimi na wewe Papa ni marafiki wa kufa kuzikana.”
Sad that it happened the way it did.

The pic tells alot how this guy is hurt

njoro at pap shirandula

The guy is hurt and the sad bit is he has to live through the pain because more likely than not no one will understand how he feels.

Njoro is really going through it… you can actually feel his pain here.

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