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‘My phone stopped ringing after I lost my job’ Cries depressed Kenyan

Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to open up on why they are feeling depressed and how they are dealing with it and the responses are heartbreaking.

One caller narrated how she has dealt with depression for an year after losing a job.

Maina I lost my job an year ago and I have been trying to look for a job in vain. Sometimes you think that in such circumstances family will help you but utajua hujui.

You tell them your problems only for them to go and talk about it and laugh about it with other people. Family is the worst to reach out to when dealing with depression.

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I have kids and sometimes they do not even have food to eat.

At some point I thought of killing them and killing myself but later I decided to seek help and reached out to a counselor.


She adds

When I had a job and money was in plenty my phone would not stop ringing but right now If I call someone they tell me ‘I will call you back’ which they never do.

The only people who call me are my parents checking out how I am doing it. The reason why women survive depression is because we talk about it even when we know the other person wont help.

Men are the most affected because they don’t talk about it.

It is bad and depression is real.

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