Pesa Smart na Adam MMF: Find out how you can easily make money

Money is a very vital necessity in our lives. Without money it becomes hard for anyone to afford basic needs and live a comfortable life.

Every day Kenyans are toiling hard in effort to make ends and make more money so as to secure a better tomorrow.

Whenever people think of securing a better tomorrow, the first thought that often hit their mind is investing. A secure, guaranteed way of investing has however remained a puzzle to many.

Could be you’re among the many Kenyans who are stressing over how to grow your money wisely in a way that guarantees you profit?

Worry no more because Adam MMF is here to  bring you a smart effortless way of reaping more from your money.

Adam MMF is a platform that guarantees safety of your money and returns without necessarily needing you to put in much effort.

It acts as a unitrust that pools money from everyone and then invests it in financial markets like, money market funds, balance funds and equity securities.

Adam MMF is spearheading the new era of Pesa Smart.

Pesa Smart na Adam MMF is earning money with minimum hassle. It is an idea where your money works for you as you continue running your daily errands stress-free.

At Adam MMF, you’re  only required to put in as little as Ksh100 and then chill for your investment to work wonders for you.

Once you’ve put in your investment, Adam MMF pulls it and invests it in lucrative secure platforms and then at the end of the day shares the profit with you.

Safe return of your money and profits of up to 10% P.A is guaranteed.

How can you join Pesa Smart na Adam MMF?

Joining the large group of Kenyans who are already reaping big with Pesa Smart na Adam  MMF is very easy:-

  •  Simply dial *227# or go to download the Mpesa app and discover the Adam app then input the code A100,A105 OR A975 while registering to make Pesa Smart.

After signing up with Adam MMF you Can start with putting in as little as  Ksh100 level to start reaping big without much hassle.

What are the financial benefits of Adam MMF?

With Adam MMF, you can:-

  • Earn Up to 10% PA on your investment
  • Invest as little as Kshs 100
  • Redeem your investment within 48hrs
  • View your balance any time
  • Subscribe to standing order on your Master card or Visa
  • Flexible savings for any deposit from your Mpesa or Mastercard & Visa
  • Funds are invested in Money Markets which is regulated by CMA
  • Get loans against your units from any of our finance partners
  • Subscribe to standing order on your Mastercard / Visa and Mpesa
  • Invest through USSD

Adam MMF is a platform that has come to save you the investment headache. Your money works for you as you continue attending to other errands. Join Adam MMF today and start enjoying  Pesa Smart.

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