Pesa Ni Pesa: Woman Arrested After Posing As A Man And Getting Married Twice To Obtain A Dowry

An Indian woman has been arrested after allegedly masquerading as a man to marry two women and obtain a dowry.

Krishna Sen, 26, is believed to have posed as a man since 2014 when she wed her first wife, using Facebook to snare her brides.

They reportedly separated soon after the wedding, then Sen married another woman in April 2017.

Her former in-laws told police that she had been harassing their daughter for a dowry and borrowed more than £9,000 from them to start a business, but didn’t repay it.

Sen reportedly spoke in a deep voice, smoked, drank alcohol and rode a motorcycle with her male friends to maintain the ruse.

Police told the BBC said she had never undressed in front of her two wives or been sexually intimate with them.

But The Times of India report that she confessed to using sex toys to make love to her brides in complete darkness.

Sen, formerly known as Sweety, was arrested on Wednesday in the northern state of Uttarakhand for demanding dowry, which is illegal in India.

Police said that Sen’s deception was uncovered during questioning and she told them she had always wanted to live a ‘man’s life’.

It is not clear whether her parents were aware of what she had been doing.


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