‘People try to bring me down when I’m ratchet and petty’ Huddah

Socialite Huddah Monroe always faces a ton of criticism whenever she makes comments on her social media,

She hits back at haters and we all assume she is a hard nut to crack. Turns out she is fazed by what we think.

In a rare moment, Huddah got emotional with fans about being judged by people who want to being her down, but also having much love from some people.

She said

People try to bring me down (sighing) but I’m human. People try to so many things to me, but on the other hand I have people who love me so much. When I’m petty, when I’m classy, or you know when I’m being ratchet,or whatever, when I’m jut doing me, people try to bring me down.’


While not mentioning who ‘these people’ are Huddah almost shed tears in her video saying there’s negativity with pretty much everything she does, but she is also aware there are those who simply love her.

‘But then you guys show me so much love and that’s what keeps me going and I just wanna say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I really, really appreciate it, I’m so lost for words because you really keep me going’.

Despite many internet trolls assuming she is bad due to her past, Huddah maintains she is a shy girl who likes her own company,

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